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89% of Renters Will Pay More For Green Apartments!

 According to a recent study, 89% of renters would be willing to pay $25 more in rent per month for a green apartment.

Are you positioned to capture that rent increase? For as little as $120 per unit, you can transform your units into green units. 

HD Supply’s customized Green Units Calculator will help you:

  • Estimate utility cost savings achieved by upgrading to a “Basic” or “Deluxe Green Unit” with the current products in your units, what climate zone your property is in, and using up-to-date utility rates
  • Determine exactly how much you could charge for upgraded units
  • Calculate the demand for those upgraded units
  • Figure out the return on investment (ROI) and payback when designing a “Basic” or “Deluxe Green Unit” with the products of your choice


Contact your local Field Account Representative or the Sustainability Department at for your free assessment!


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